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Eider duvets

    Most people spend a third of their life under a duvet.
    An eider duvet is a valuable investment and if treated well it will last for decades.

    The eiderdown is the most valuable down in the world. His qualities are unique regarding lightness, softness, isolation and breathing.

    Eider duvets are so light, that you barely feel their weight while sleeping under them. They are very warm, but breathe very well and due to their lightness the air can circulate under them as well.

    The production is 100% organic and the down is sustainably hand picked. The wild sea birds are not harmed in any way. They come back every year to nest in a safe environment where the farmer protects them from any disturbance. Instead he can collect the down that the birds leave behind.

    We are offering high quality eider duvets from our own production for sale. The duvets are custom made, so you can choose your duvet size and quantity of the down after your personal preferences. The cover is made of high quality cotton from Switzerland. Each duvet has 24 compartments, in which the down is evenly spread, to make sure that the down is even in the duvet. Baby duvets are in one compartment.

    All duvets have an official quality certificate.

    You can read more about the eider colony and how the duvets are produced here.

    More information and consultation via or +354-845-3832