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Fimma frá Dynjanda


    Colour: Black

    F: Skuggi frá Dynjanda
    FF: Tígur frá Álfhólum (8,13)
    FM: Snúlla frá Gerði

    M: Bylgja frá Lambleiksstöðum
    MF: Gustur frá Grund (8,28)
    MM: Busla frá Bjarnanesi

    Very strong Hornafjörður bloodline. Fimma has always been friendly and feminen but rather small. She is fivegaited with nice movements.

    Due to of our moving here to the north of Iceland, she was very little trained before she was 6 years old.

    The meaning of the name “Fimma” is 5. We named her so because she has Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri five times in her pedigree.

    Fimma has the same mother as Þrándur frá Brunnum, who has been successful in competitions in Germany.

    Offsprings of Fimma

    April 2017
    (on 3rd second you can see Hannýs phone falling out of her pocket and shattering on the ground. The phone worked well again after it was put back together)