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Flauta frá Vatnsleysu


    Colour: Black with star, snip, white on both hind legs and white sclera

    F: Sindri frá Vatnsleysu
    FF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
    FM: Silja frá Vatnsleysu

    M: Harpa frá Vatnsleysu
    MF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
    MM: Brynhildur frá Vatnsleysu

    Flauta is a big, good looking and powerful, fivegaited mare with high and wide movements. She is from the old Vatnsleysa breed and has rather much Hornafjörður blood in her pedigree + Lýsingur frá Voðmúlastöðum.

    Flauta has probably inherited the splashed white gene from her father.

    Flautas offsprings