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 These pictures were taken in Hindisvík in 1988 by Brigitte Englisch.
We are very grateful to get to see them and share them here with you.

h98 1

Above is the stallion Glóblesi 700 frá Hindisvík. He is a very important ancestor of the Hindisvík bloodline. You can find him at least once in the pedigree of all our Hindisvík horses.
Glóblesi received 1st price, both as an individual and also for his offsprings. He was used for breeding in many places, including Kirkjubær, where he had many good descendants, for example Seifur, Sóti, Strákur, Brana and her daughter Rauðhetta frá Kirkjubæ.
Glóblesi also had many good offsprings in Hindisvík, including Huginn frá Hindisvík who became norwegian champion in tölt and fourgait, and Muninn frá Hindisvík who became swedish champion in fivegait and speedpace.

h98 2

Glóblesi at the age of 25 years. 

h98 3

h98 4

h98 5

h98 6

The "Cliffhouse" before it was renovated

h98 7

Glóblesi 700 with mares in Hindisvík

h98 8

Glóblesi 700

h98 9

Glóblesi 700 frá Hindisvík

h98 10

Glóblesi 700

h98 11

h98 12

h98 13

h98 14

h98 15Looking from the peninsula in Hindisvík towards the farm

h98 16The view from the Hindisvík peninsula towards Skagi

h98 17

h98 18Seals

h98 19

h98 20

h98 21

Hindisvík mare, with a marefoal after Glóblesi

h98 22

h98 23

Klettshúsið = "Cliffhouse"

h98 24

Young horses in Hindisvík

h98 25

h98 26

h98 27

The old house

h98 28

It was interesting to see such a clear picture of the sheep-houses, who have now been removed

h98 29

h98 30

h98 31

h98 32

h98 33

Pretty Hindisvíkhead

h98 34

h98 35

h98 36

h98 37

The old Klettshús, which has now been renovated

h98 38

h98 39

On the Vatnsnes-Mountain, above Hindisvík, looking towards the Westfjords

h98 40

On the Vatnsnes-Mountain, above Hindisvík, looking the other way towards Húnavatnshreppur

h98 41

h98 42There you can see the bay of Hindisvík, from the Vatnsnesfjall

h98 43

h98 44

h98 45

h98 47

h98 48

Looking down on the old Farm in Hindisvík

h98 49

h98 50

h98 51

h98 52

h98 53

h98 54

The dark chestnut colour is very common in the Hindisvík bloodline

h98 55

h98 56

h98 57

h98 58

h98 59

h98 60