We have a strong connection to the Hindisvík bloodline.

It was the brother of Tobbi's grandfather, reverend Sigurður Norland, who proceeded with the breeding of the Hindisvík horses that originally started in 1873. After he passed away it were Tobbi and his father who carried on the breeding till 1995 and had about 40 breedingmares. The winter of 1995 had very heavy snow and bad weather conditions. Tobbi and his father were living in Reykjavík but the horses were in Hindisvík and after this winter they decided to dramatically reduce the quantity of the horses. Most of them were sold to Germany and their owners had great success with their further breeding. (You can read about that here)

After that a few mares were kept in the breeding, and we are now working on preservation of this remarkeable bloodline.

Below you can see the horses we have now from the old Hindisvík bloodline.

The Hindisvík gene pool




Glæsir 19 years old, still covering mares in Hindisvík

Glæsir frá Hindisvík - is not owned by us, but is playing a big role in the preservation of his kin, because he is the last pure bred stallion from Hindisvík.

Glæsir inherites strongly the features of the Hindisvík bloodline, and especially the Hindisvík-trot (with very high leg action and suspension).

In his pedigree you can find Glóblesi 700 a few times (for example as his MF) and also Hlöðvir, who is his FF.


Young stallions:

globlesi517 folold kleo

Glóblesi frá Hindisvík is a chestnut with a long star and snip. He was born in 2017 and is a son of Glæsir frá Hindisvík and Kleópatra frá Kirkjubæ. Out of this mixture (Hindisvík x Kirkjubær) have come many famous horses, like Seifur, Sóti and Strákur, who all competed in finals in European Championships.

Kleópatra is a daughter from Rauðhetta frá Kirkjubæ (9,23 for riding abilities), which is a daughter of Brana who is a daugher of Glóblesi 700 from Hindisvík. So there we have a connection back to the old bloodline.




Hetja frá Mið-Kárastöðum - Hetja is one of the most in- and pure-bred Hindisvík horses. (Or horse in general!) She is pure back till 1880 and has only horses from Hindisvík in her pedigree as far back as registered.

Hetja is a daughter of Glæsir frá Hindisvík and Hrund frá Hindisvík who is a daughter of Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík.

To take an example of how inbred she is (see below) I could mention that her father, Glæsir, is a son of Hjörtur. Hjörtur is a son of Hlöðvir (like Hetja's mother). The mother of Hlöðvir (Ör frá Hindisvík) is a full sister to the mother of Hjörtur (Fjöður frá Hindisvík) and like said before is Hlöðvir the father of Hjörtur.

Then also Hetja's MM and FM are fullsisters.


Example of Hetja's inbreeding. Same colors are full siblings or the same horse.

You can find Glóblesi 700 five times in Hetja's pedigree.

It is worth mentioning that even though Hetja is this much inbred you can not see any signs of degeneracy.

She is above average sized, has a stable and intelligent mind and good looks.

Hetja is a fourgaiter with high leg action. She is now in breeding.



 Yngri-Rauðka frá Hindisvík - is pure bred from the old bloodline back to the year 1880.

She is a daughter of Hjörtur frá Hindisvík (F: Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík) and a mare sired by Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík.

Yngri-Rauðka is a fourgaited mare with high movements, very good basic gaits and great hind leg activity.
She is a unique and funny personality.



Gló frá Ásbjarnarstöðum - born 2017

Is almost pure bred from Hindisvík. Her father is Glæsir frá Hindisvík and her mother is a daughter of Glæsirs fullsister. 

Gló was easy to break in and all gaits were open from the beginning with nice movements. She is a very confident and funny personality.





Hildur frá Hindisvík - born 2018.

Is a daughter of Aðall frá Nýjabæ (no Hindisvík-Bloodline) and Hetja frá Mið-Kárastöðum (pure bred from the old bloodline).

This makes her 50% from the old bloodline.

Hildur shows all gaits and a very fun personality.


Hilda frá Hindisvík - born 2020.

Is a daughter of Skálmar frá Nýjabæ (no Hindisvík-Bloodline) and Hetja frá Mið-Kárastöðum (pure bred from the old bloodline).

This makes her 50% from the old bloodline.

Shows promising basic gaits with high leg action.




Hervör frá Hindisvík- born 2022.

A daughter of Lennon frá Vatnsleysu and Yngri-Rauðka. 50% pure bred of the Hindisvík bloodline.
Shows elastic movements.



Hildisif frá Hindisvík - born 2022.

A daughter of Lennon frá Vatnsleysu and Hetja. 50% pure bred of the Hindisvík bloodline.