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The people behind Hindisvík are Ástmundur Agnar Norland, better known as Tobbi in Hindisvík, Hanný Norland Heiler and Heiða Heiler.

You can read more about us here.

We are very passionate about breeding and preserving the old bloodlines from Hindisvík and Hornafjörður, who we are both connected to and know well.
It is also our belief that it will be good to have access to this bloodline later because the horses in Iceland are getting more and more related.

We are also breeding splashed white horses, with the focus on good riding abilities.

Above you can see Gargandi-Snilld frá Dynjanda, who is one of our Hornafjörður breeding mares.

Hornafjörður horses have much willingness, strong nerves and what seems to be an endless endurance and speed range. They are very friendly towards people.

You can read more about the hornafjörður bloodline here.

Pictured above you can see Huginn frá Hindisvík, who later became norwegian champion in both tölt and fourgait.

The Hindisvík horses are finely built, forward willing and have a very good hind leg activity.
They can be strong personalities and sometimes and were back in the day often referred to as “one man horses”.

You can read more about the Hindisvík bloodline here.

Above: Strákur frá Vatnsleysu, a dark chestnut splashed white stallion, who we owned for some years.

Our goal with the splashed white horses is not just the colour, but we want them to have good riding abilities as well.

You can read more about the colour here.

Besides the horse breeding we have a rather big eider colony in Sæból. You can read more about that here and about our eider duvets here.